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Our Vision for the South Pacific

Pacific Finds is an eCommerce platform created specifically to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), with a strong focus on women entrepreneurs, to effectively promote their business and sell their products online.

We aim to empower these businesses in the Pacific through our eCommerce platform and digital storytelling and further shared across social media platforms; enabling them to reach a wider market. This will enable them to not just sell products and services but share their stories, which will in turn create more conscious consumers who are buying products and seeing how their purchase contributes to a family’s livelihood.

With a focus on digital storytelling, we want to showcase authentic Pacific island products and services made by hardworking individuals and community groups, which are traceable using QR codes where, through a scan of a code on a purchased product, customers are able to find additional information – “a story” about their creator/producer/artisan. This will directly link consumers to producers, farmers, artisans and communities.

Through the Pacific Finds ecommerce platform we provide for these MSMEs (namely artists, women entrepreneurs and rural community groups) with their own business page where they can sell products from (from mushrooms to baskets); and take bookings for services from (such as the Vou dance group’s “Fiji Untold” event).

We also have an authentication programme whereby each vendor is screened and provided with a Pacific Finds Certificate of Authentication to ensure only quality products are listed on the website.

We are passionate about creating a genuine Pacific experience for consumers so that they are more conscious about what they are buying and more importantly, from whom.

You can read some of our stories here and please subscribe to our pages and channel to hear more about our incredible and inspiring Pacific stories.

Pauline Benson
Pauline Benson, Founder, Pacific Finds

       What is today known as Pacific Finds, was originally Fiji Finds, founded in 2016. I have used my background in digital media and experiences from travelling around the South Pacific building capacity in emarketing to develop what is known as Pacific Finds today. My first International Centre for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP) dialogue in Brisbane in July, 2019 left me feeling empowered about my vision for the Pacific. After redeveloping the website; I attended further dialogues in Vanuatu and in Sydney; where I connected with more inspiring entrepreneurs both from Australia and the South Pacific. In Sydney in particular I was fortunate to connect with three women, each successful in their own fields, and whom had this shared vision for the Pacific. Together we have been growing the  vision in each of our countries. I was then invited to co-facilitate a dialogue in Brisbane in November 2019, and this not only grew more connections wth inspiring entrepreneurs in Australia and the South Pacific but further reinforced the need for the Pacific Finds platform; which has seen it go from strength to strength with partnerships both in Australia and the South Pacific. Our focus is not simply a platform where you can sell from; but a platform from which we can share our powerful Pacific stories; stories that make us truly unique.

Salote Waqairatu
Salote Waqairatu, Business Owner, Community Specialist, Fiji

Salote Waqairatu (Fiji) comes from an Aquaculture and entrepreneurship background but also does agricultural research for the Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network (through an ACIAR funded project called PARDI2) in Nadi.

Alexia Rae
Alexia Rae, Photographer
Passionate about people and the planet, I have established a career that allows me to pursue both.
I operate full time as a Wedding Photographer, while also Creating Content for conscious brands that care about sustainable materials and ethical practices.
A passion project of mine is cultivating a life-giving community on Instagram. I spend most of my energy learning how to meet the needs of my audience. I address REAL ISSUES, encourage MINIMAL LIVING, and inspire individuals to LIVE THEIR DREAM LIFE.
Fenella Sam
Fenella Sam

Fenella, from Papua New Guinea, runs her own community development/CSO in PNG and works particularly in advocating against illegal logging; she is by profession a Forester.

Temesia Tuicaumia
Temesia Tuicaumia
Social Media Curator

Temesia Tuicaumia founded his career as a blogger in 2016 with his brand Temesia.FJTraveller His brand focuses on advocating for mens fashion in the pacific Islands, lifestyle and adventure. Temesia began his advocacy for mens fashion with established designer Robert Verebasaga co designing 15 suits reflecting the pacific islands. He pursued into being a creative consultant for many fashion labels, resorts, restaurants and events.Temesia established his vlog on Youtube in 2019, documenting his journeys to fashion shows, resorts and as a Creative director, Social media curator, Digital media consultant, Stylist, Fashion blogger, an advocate for sustainable Fashion, a south pacific tourism organisation Influencer and advocate for sustainable tourism, Fashion council of Fiji media coordinator and now as a fashion revolution Fiji media coordinator.

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